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The Uganda TB Implementation Research Consortium (U-TIRC) is a collaboration of research scientists at Makerere University led by Dr. Achilles Katamba, public health officials at the Uganda Ministry of Health and the Uganda National TB and Leprosy Programme (NTLP) in Uganda, and research scientists from the University of California San Francisco, Yale University, and Johns Hopkins University in the USA and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the UK. U-TIRC focuses on improving tuberculosis diagnosis and care by undertaking high-quality clinical, epidemiological and implementation science research that seeks to identify barriers to TB evaluation, to develop implementation strategies to address the barriers, and to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of these strategies at different health centers in Uganda.

Our Approach

Community Engagement

We carry out our research in partnership with local communities.


We prioritize work that considers issues that are important to patients.

Implementation Science

We prioritize the study of processes and outcomes that are important to patients.


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