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Strategies for Treating Observing Managing and Preventing Tuberculosis (STOMP TB) is an in-depth evaluation of TB transmission in the urban parishes of Kisugu, Wabigalo and Namuwongo   and X zones of Bukasa Parish, Makindye Division, Kampala.  The primary aims of this study are to:


(1) Provide a comprehensive snapshot of TB prevalence and transmission in these parishes;


(2) Use these data to estimate the population-level impact of various TB control interventions for these communities; and


(3) Evaluate the cost-effectiveness and economic implications of those interventions. 

We aim to provide a highly-detailed snapshot of prevalent TB in adjacent neighborhoods (Kisugu, Wabigalo and Namuwongo area of Bukasa) of Kampala, Uganda. Our approach will include active case finding, collection of detailed data about identified cases, and genotypic analysis to understand transmission links. In this study, by linking the ascertainment of prevalent active TB (through an active case-finding campaign) with data on cases’ clinical and epidemiological characteristics including


determinants of TB susceptibility, their social and genotypic relationships, and their patterns of contact with the health care system and other potential venues for TB screening and prevention activities, we aim to ask not only “how many prevalent cases exist?” but “what fraction of prevalent cases and subsequent transmission could have been captured by specific interventions?”

We thus hope to dramatically reduce transmission in these parishes. We will also genotype all of these patients' TB strains to determine patterns of transmission in these communities, as well as the combination of interventions that are most likely to interrupt TB transmission at the parish level. We will combine these data with estimates of costs to identify the interventions that are most likely to be cost-effective in high-TB-burden informal urban communities in Uganda.


The study is already in being undertaken and plan to complete the study in 2022.

For more information, see our publications page


STOMP TB Team Members

Principal Investigators: David Dowdy, Achilles Katamba

Coordinator: Peter James Kitonsa

Clinical Epidemiologist: Annet Nalutaaya

Nutritionist: James Mukiibi

Psychologist: Olga Nakasolya

Lab Technologist: Caleb Kamoga

Economics and Statistics: David Isooba

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