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PredicTB Study

The PredicTB Study (Validating a Clinical Risk Score for early Management of Tuberculosis in Ugandan Primary Health Clinics) is a pragmatic, type 2 hybrid effectiveness-implementation study that aims to investigate the effectiveness and implementation of a novel clinical risk score. The PredicTB clinical score is a simple tool that uses readily available patient information such as age, sex, and presence of specific TB symptoms, to identify patients at sufficiently high risk of TB to merit same-day treatment initiation, thereby reducing pre-treatment loss to follow-up, TB mortality, and community transmission. We are conducting this study in four primary health clinics and four additional comparison clinics that are similar in

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location and patient population to the intervention clinics. Each pair of clinics was selected together, and one clinic from each pair was randomized to the intervention, one to the comparison arm.  

We are making quarterly site visits to assess the implementation of the risk score, abstracting unidentified data from clinic registers, collecting data on cost and cost-effectiveness, and performing TB culture to verify the accuracy of empiric treatment decisions. After one year of data collection, we will survey 100 participants to evaluate the role of the prediction rule in TB diagnosis and treatment. 

If successful, this pilot study will serve as preliminary data for a larger randomized trial.

For more information, see our publications page

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PredicTB Team Members

Principal Investigators: David Dowdy, Achilles Katamba

Co-Investigators: Alex Kityamuwesi, Yeonsoo Baik

Coordinator: Muhammad Musoke

Data Analyst: Katherine Robsky

Research Assistants: Sanyu Agnes Nakate, Amon Twinamasiko, Vivian Nabacwa,

                                   Maureen Lamunu

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